Life Drawing at the Arthouse Hotel – Sketch of the Week 03/02/14

Couldn’t really get into it that week,
plus my multiliner’s brush tip was so worn out – I really needed to replace it :^\

Sydney Festival 2014

The Merchants Store installation at Darling Harbour.

Taken while at the Merchants Store installation at Darling Harbour.

Spent Saturday hanging out at the Sydney Festival in the City.

I had a blast at the Merchants Store installation at Darling Harbour (pictured), and also on the Stonehenge jumping castle that was set-up at Festival Village in Hyde Park.

Sydney Festival 2014 runs from 9-26 January
For further details please check out their website

Design by Numbers – 1

I have been inspired to start a new design series called:

Design by Numbers

In this project, I am going to complete design tutorials found online to create each new number in the series.

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to the very first design in the series – 1


The tutorial that I used to complete this was:

How to Make TEXT into Fun, Glitter-filled, Glass

No more ANNOYING Mac to PC keyboard shortcut issues!


So I FINALLY fixed my external PC keyboard keys issue so that I can use them like I would on my Macbook. It does gets a little tiresome to have to switch from Mac to PC all the time.

I would always press the wrong keys to use Mac shortcuts when using my external PC keyboard (The OPT and CMD keys are reversed on a PC keyboard), after hooking it up to my Macbook so that I can use dual monitors.

So now I have modified the OPT and CMD  keys through the Keyboard Utilities panel in Systems Preferences and labelled them differently on my PC keyboard, even sticky-taping them down so that they don’t smudge off over time.

As an Apple Fanboy, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this SOONER :P


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